Exploring an overseas teacher education program from insiders’ points of view

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Professor Yuka Kurihara

Saturday, Feb. 20 Time: 18:00-20:00 Online — ZOOM (link supplied on 2/20)

This presentation discusses the overseas teacher training program for EFL professionals from the insiders’ points of view. More specifically, drawing on the sociocultural approach, this study explores what pedagogical tools the training program in Australia presented to teachers, and how the host considers the goals and roles of the program. 

The study employed a qualitative methods approach by collecting two types of data: One is from the program observations and the other from the interviews with two program coordinators. 

The findings of the data reveal that the program mainly presented practical techniques in order for teachers to be able to reflect on their teaching practices with the newly acquired techniques. In addition, the program incorporated reflective learning into all lessons. They did so for the participant teachers’ constructing new knowledge, which best suited their own teaching contexts, by making use of the practical tools presented in the program.

Yuka Kurihara is a professor in Center for Liberal Arts Education at Tokai University. Her research interests include L2 teacher education, education psychology, and L2 literacy.