Get Ready for Shizuoka JALT’s Annual My Share & Bonenkai in Hamamatsu!

Set aside a couple of hours to attend, give a short presentation, or do both! Renew acquaintances! Gather later for lively discussion, food and drinks at Tir Nan-Og. JALT will provide a small budget for this!

When: December 14 from 6:30~8:30 Where: Create Building (10-minute walk north of the station) Non-members are also welcome.

  1. Jane Nakagawa: “Energize Your Class with Japanese Poetry in English.”
  2. Jay Drew: “Video Projects Made Easy.”
  3. Pete Lyons: “A simple Annotation System to Help Students with Word Prominence in Presentations.”
    Word prominence generally refers collectively to variations in pitch, loudness, and the length of the vowel within the sentence. This brief presentation will outline the functions that govern the speaker’s word prominence (grammatical, attitudinal, accentual) before describing a simple annotation system that raises students’ awareness and aims to improve their intonation when reading aloud. Finally, there will be a brief discussion of student feedback to the activity.
  4. Akie Uemura: “A Worksheet to Promote Cross-cultural Understanding in English Extensive Reading.”
  5. Gregg McNabb: “Benefits of Olde Tyme Englishe Practise.”
  6. Adam Jenkins: “Introducing the International Virtual Exchange Project.”
  7. Susan Laura Sullivan: “Breaking new ground with Breaking News English: Student-led classes.”
    Students choose one news article each out of seventy options from the “Breaking News” English site. Working in groups, they choose an aspect of the article and teach the class utilising a variety of student-centred activities. Summary leaders also hold discussions, and the four macro-skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are used, along with critical thinking, comprehension skills and very active learning.

*Postscript: A truly excellent event everyone! With special thanks to Adam Jenkins, BBQ Meister and the staff at Tir Nan-Og for such a scrumptious selection of food and drinks!

Tir Nan-Og B1